The jump

Sometimes you just need to stop planning and just take the leap.

I spent the past year thinking about what this blog would be about, how I was going to maintain it, and what would make it different from all my past failed attempts at blogging.  What kind of voice do I want?  What are my opinions?  What kind of “personal brand” am I projecting?  What do I want to get out of blogging?  What do I want the blog to become?

The thing is, I spent a year thinking about what I could or wanted to be instead of spending a year exploring and experimenting with this new idea.  I spent a year hypothesizing instead of learning through trial and error.

I am a huge supporter of planning and goal setting, but I do think there’s a limit to it.  At a certain point, you just need to jump and figure it out as you go.  So this is me jumping, and this blog is me figuring it out.  Just a twenty-something girl navigating life in the city.

Hope you come along for the ride! (:


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