Week in Review: August 6-12

A day at the lake restores the soul.

Over the weekend, I had a much needed day off with my best friend at the Toronto Islands.  I had a pretty stressful week with study leave and family obligations taking up virtually all my time and I just wasn’t feeling like myself.  But spending time with my best friend, who’s unbelievably supportive and understanding, and being by the lake really helped me to relax.  Not to mention the perfect city views from the island.  Something about open water really calms me and motivates me to keep going, and to keep trying.

My friend suggested we rent bikes and explore the other side of the island.  I’m not a great biker and have never rode a bike outside of my quiet neighbourhood, but I decided to face my fears and I’m so glad I did it!


We like taking artsy Instagram photos…


…a lot.


And after that wonderful day, I spent the rest of the week studying, feeling more motivated and energized to do well.

Hope you had a great week!  Where do you go to reconnect with yourself?



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