The lazy girl’s guide to cleaning

I have a love-hate relationship with cleaning.

I’m the girl who loves cleaning and that feeling of accomplishment you get when you come home to a sparkling house.  But I also have a bad habit of leaving my shoes everywhere and keeping an “organized mess” on my desk.  Even if my closet is just steps away, my shirts will almost always end up on my chair instead.

Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve developed to keep me on track with keeping things tidy.

1) Start small.

If you’re a busy (or lazy) girl, cleaning isn’t necessary on the top of your to-do list.  What I like to do to get the ball rolling is to start small and section off my house into more manageable chunks.  On Saturday, I’ll clean the bathroom, on Sunday, I’ll do my desk, etc.  I find that setting small cleaning goals each day helps me to actually do them.  The task is less daunting that way and having one spotless area will motivate me to clean the other spaces as well.

2) Never walk with empty hands.

I learned about this trick a month ago and it has truly changed my day-to-day.  The principle of it is: whenever you go from space A to space B in your home, take at least one thing with you.  For example, as I go from my bedroom to the kitchen, I’ll take back my empty mug from my morning coffee.  When I’m going from my living room to office, I’ll bring along the pile of mail and bills that were sitting on the counter.  The logic behind this is, I’m already making that trip anyways, might as well bring things back to the spaces where they belong.  This trick works best if you’ve already substantially cleaned your house and only have a few things from your day to day that gets displaced.

3) Invite your friends.

Not to trick them into cleaning for you, but to trick you into thinking that cleaning is your top priority.  I tend to have a few friends randomly drop by which makes me feel really guilty when I haven’t swept my floors all week or taken out the trash.  Once I know I’m being held accountable for what my space looks like, I’m more motivated to take those 15 minutes to clean up.

4) Watch some Youtube videos.

This sounds a bit like procrastination.  It is.  But it’s also motivating.  Seeing beautiful spaces and  completely put together beauty gurus on Youtube motivates me to do the same to my home.  I love to procrastinate on Youtube anyways, so I’ll just casually search “apartment tour” or “room tour” to see how others are decorating and organizing their spaces.  You may even learn more tips and tricks to really streamline the process!

5) Invest in boxes.

The easiest and fastest way to organize your home is to invest in nice boxes.  They’re functional and can serve as decorative pieces.  I have a vintage looking chest that gives my room a unique vibe and I use it to keep all my jewelry in one place.  It’s more visually appealing than a mess of bracelets and necklaces.  You can even get creative with your storage solutions, for example, I store my nail polishes in a lantern.  The best part is that within the box, you don’t necessarily have to be 100% organized!  The trick is, the fewer edges you can see in a space, the more organized the space looks.

I hope these tips were helpful and let me know in the comments what your top cleaning and organizing tips are.


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