So we’re adults now.

What is this adult-ing thing?  And how do I do it?

This weekend I had a call with my best friend who moved away to Italy a little over a year ago.  We were just catching up and laughing at how strange it was that everyone on our Facebook timeline was getting engaged.  But then again, it isn’t so strange.  Because we’re coming upon that age where it’s pretty acceptable to be getting engaged.  I think we forget that we’re getting older until we look around us and, boom…Adulthood.

We kept talking and she was telling me about taking care of her new kitten and showing me around her Italian flat.  We discussed whether I should take on a mortgage, how we were managing our budgets, and where we wanted to be in 5 or 10 years.  If this doesn’t scream adulthood, I’m not sure what does.

And then we proceeded to laugh for 10 minutes about Ikea and small towns (separate inside jokes, equally hilarious to us).  It was a silly, carefree moment that reminded me that we’re still those kids who ordered too much food at the drive-thru and who still gets the occasional zit on our faces.

It’s such a crazy feeling to be caught in between like this.  On one hand I feel really grown up thinking about my career and whether I should get my own place, and on the other hand, I’m still that kid who loves to Skype her friends for unreasonably long hours while laughing about things that don’t make any sense.  That’s adulthood as a twenty-something in the city.


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