What would you do with another day?

I just need 24 more hours and I’ll be fine.

I find that I say that a lot.  I recently found a piece I wrote about having another day.  I wrote these thoughts in a notebook back when I was still in university, studying (procrastinating) for my exams.

Another day?

I was sitting in my room studying and wished that I had just one more day  before my exam.  I’d be able to give all my notes an extra read, do more practise questions.  One more day could be the difference between a B+ and an A.

And then I stopped to wonder what an extra day really means.  An extra 10% on an exam doesn’t mean anything if we all graduate with the same degree.  Independently being able to write faster than everyone else isn’t a skill when the world thrives on collaboration and the liquid flow of information through technology.

If you were given an extra day, would you use it to study?  Catch up on work?  Finally fix that stovetop you’ve been meaning to get to?

All of this is just another day alone, doing things that sum up to the smallest fraction in the grand scheme of things.

So do we really need another day?  Or do we really just need to use today better?


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