Some busy season reminders

Late nights, dinner allowances, and cab rides home.

I’m in the heart of another busy season and though I don’t have a lot of busy seasons under my belt (and the ones I did have were not too brutal), I’m hoping that writing out a few reminders and lessons learned so far will help me this time around.

  1. Go for the healthy option.
    It’s tempting to order the most unhealthy dinner option because it’s tastier and is a consolation prize for working the long hours.  Wrong.  You will gain weight, feel sluggish, and regret it.
  2. Don’t take things personally.
    Everyone is stressed and tired which can make emotions run high and patience low.  Don’t take it personally if someone is a little more blunt than usual.  Don’t take criticism as an attack on you as a professional.  Take a breath and do what you were hired to do.  You can do this.
  3. Stay organized.
    There’s a lot to do in a limited amount of time.  The second you start losing track of your task list and what’s going on with the file, you’ll start to get overwhelmed.  Take some time each day to stay oriented and focused on the bigger picture.
  4. Put your head down and work.
    Even when you don’t want to, it’s better to power through the last hour of the day and get something accomplished than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.
  5. Make time for your personal life.
    I’m extremely career oriented, but what I’ve come to learn is that having a career and having a personal life are not mutually exclusive.  Even if it’s only for a couple hours a week, carve out time for things outside of work.  You’ll be tired, but life doesn’t stop just because you’re tired.
  6. Stretch.
    When you sit for 15 hours a day, your body will hate you and show you that it’s angry by aching.  Get up for a periodic walk and remember to do your stretches before bed and right when you wake up.  You’ll feel better.
  7. Don’t compromise quality.
    No matter what happens, never let the integrity of your work suffer.  Every document you touch and every interaction you have with your team and with your client still counts towards your personal brand.  Don’t let your brand suffer just because it’s busy, or your tired.
  8. Stop wasting time.
    Now is the time to re-evaluate and reprioritize the things that are taking up your time.  Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook is interesting and relaxing at the end of the day, but is it worth missing sleep over?
  9. Busy season is not permanent.
    Yeah, it probably sucks in the moment.  But this will not be the reality in a couple of months.  Take each day as a new opportunity, a new lesson, and eventually, you’ll be through it.  Embrace the chance to pursue a challenging and dynamic career.  Hang in there.
  10. Remember to have fun.  No elaboration necessary.


I’m still trying to navigate and figure out the wildness that is busy season.  If you have any tips, please share in the comments!

Good luck!



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