5 Lessons from Dr. Mindy Lahiri about being a boss lady in the big city

Mindy Kaling is the newest member of my girl-crush list.

I was a little late to the The Mindy Project party, but nevertheless, I have fallen absolutely in love with the show and with Dr. Mindy Lahiri.  She’s the perfect combination of smart, sassy, fabulous, confident, and a hot mess.  She is every woman.

This show was a roller coaster of laughing out loud to crying because the storyline just hit too close to home.  Through it all, I felt so inspired to be an independent career woman.  To be fearless in my pursuit of a career that I can be proud of.  To be fearless in my pursuit of love.  To dress well and shine in every room I’m in.

Without giving away any spoilers to any readers who hasn’t witnessed the greatness of The Mindy Project, below are my top 5 lessons I’ve taken away from Dr. Mindy Lahiri:

  1. It’s okay to be assertive about the things you want.

    via thegloss.com
  2. Even when things don’t work out, it’s better to be optimistic about life.  Don’t let the haters keep you down.

    via OK! Magazine
  3. Stop worrying and just eat the cake…and waffles…and chicken wings.

    via OK! Magazine
  4. Know who you are, know who you aren’t, and no matter what, own it.

    via hollywood.com
  5. Always put your best foot forward.

    via GetTrendyGifs

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go lie down on my office floor and contemplate my life.


5 Lessons - Mindy Lahiri


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